My name is Andy Wolf, and I have been growing giant pumpkins competitively since 1999, shooting for higher weights each year. I live in Cattaraugus County, which is in western New York State. I have grown 18 pumpkins over 1000 pounds since 2005, including 7 over 1400 pounds. In 2005 I grew a 1,407 pound pumpkin - breaking the existing New York State record, and finishing third worlwide that year.
I travel to several weighoffs each fall mainly centered around NY, but have gone as far away as North Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa and eastern Massachusetts. I have had good experiences selling a pumpkin or two each year to help cover the costs of growing them. This website is an extension of that - an effort to reach more buyers and streamline the process of selling a few pumpkins each fall. My pumpkins have been used for display in Hong Kong, Florida, Texas, as well as locally.
It is usually late August or early September until I have a good idea on what the final weights will be. If you are thinking about purchasing, please contact me immediately.
My wife and I posing with our 1407 in the fall of 2005. This pumpkin was on display at Pumpkinville after the contest, and was featured in five newspaper articles. This is the picture that ran in the Jamestown Post-Journal.

In 2010, our 1426 went to NYC for the Pumpkin Festival in Central Park for display. It was then donated to City Harvest to be used in recipies for the needy in local soup kitchens.

In 2013, I supplied a few pumpkins to the Mahopac-Carmel Pumpkin Festival, where they were carved by Scott Cully.


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